Beware: the blooming ‘Bernie’ bandwagon

Staff Writer

Bernie Sanders, the newest social media sensation, has become a favorite among the younger voting generation. According to the New York Post, Bernie Sanders is the third most talked about candidate on social media, after Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But what is it about Bernie Sanders that has the 18-24 year old age group so actively retweeting, sharing and tagging him? He knows how to get a crowd going. He knows how to go out on stage and make a lot of big promises that get people excited and hopeful for a better tomorrow. But how much of what he is promising America is actually feasible and realistic? And based on his past track record, how much of it can we actually trust?

One of his bigger issues that he has been pushing is an increase in the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $15 an hour. Now for those who aren’t math majors, that’s around a 93.5 percent increase. Some cities have already taken this increased minimum wage into effect with some disastrous consequences. Seattle, as of April 2015, started phasing in an increase to $15 an hour. They have seen a rise in small business and restaurant closures, according to Forbes Magazine. Restaurants in particular are struggling. They operate under much smaller profit margins, only around 4 percent. These increases in pay come directly out of those profit margins.

Another major issue with the “Sanders Revolution” as some are calling it, is his inability for bipartisanship. In his career, only 9 percent of his proposed bills had both republican and democrat cosigners. In the same aspect, he is one of the senators with the fewest co-sponsored bills. An ability and willingness to “cross the aisle”, work with others, compromise and bring parties together is essential in a president. A president that won’t compromise will never actually achieve anything in his time in office. Up until a few months ago, no one had any idea who Bernie Sanders was. That says a lot about his leadership skills.

People love an underdog, and trailing 16 points behind Hillary Clinton, that’s what Bernie Sanders is. His chances for actually getting the democratic nomination are slim. Most of his voters are coming from the younger 18-34 age range, and Bernie is just the latest trend on twitter. He is a passing fad getting social media riled up with his far left socialist propaganda and unachievable promises. He is like that kid from sixth grade running for class president, promising to get the student body summer all year round.

According to a U.S. Census poll done in 2012, only 21 percent of eligible voters from the age of 18 to 24 actually made it to the polls. However, a poll from the Pew Research Center showed a staggering 72 percent of that same age range, 18 to 24, were politically active on social media. Statistics look good for the likes on Bernie Sanders’ last Facebook post, but maybe not for getting his target voters to the polls.


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