Comic Con Continues to create crowds

Entertainment Editor

New York Comic Con: a truly unique sensation for all lovers of Japanese anime, comic books and all sorts of media to experience. From the crowded showroom floor, to a full artist’s corner where anything nerdy can be bought, New York Comic Con seems to have it all. One cannot help but wonder how Comic Con became the cultural mecca it is now.

Within the last ten years, the idea of Comic Con has evolved and grown into the giant entity of premieres and exclusive content that exists today. In early 2006, New York Comic Con sets out on the realm of comics and games as a smaller, more local alternative to the larger convention known as San Diego Comic Con. The initial convention took place in the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan, N.Y. George R.R. Martin  and Kevin Smith were among the first authors and comic book legends to attend with the general public. The first convention, held between Feb.24 to 26 in 2006, brought in more fans than the organizers had initially anticipated.

What both the convention attendees and convention managers didn’t realize was that they had changed the way in which this type of event would be both run and presented. In New York some smaller conventions were also being held , but nothing of that scale or scope had been seen before. New York City Comic Con (NYCC) has grown into something that initially was not thought to be possible. In subsequent years, the convention expanded, growing more complex in offerings, which have since spread through different buildings away from the Javits center. Until 2010, the convention had been relatively small. Since the initial convention, attendance has grown exponentially. In 2014, NYCC passed San Diego Comic Con in attendance numbers. Approximately 151,000 attended NYCC, according to However,  since its inception, the convention has attracted bigger crowds and more prominent artists and celebrities in recent years. Both New York and San Diego are large hubs for culture in their own right, but when it comes to comic conventions, New York has begun to take a larger presence.


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