Food for thought: affordable eateries around CCM

Food Critic

Hungry on your never ending break at CCM? Conquer the wait between classes with these affordable lunch spots that are all no more than 5 minutes from campus.

Randolph Diner

You can’t go wrong with this top notch diner that has got to be one of my favorites in the Morris County area! Diners are the perfect lunch spot if you’re indecisive because the menu has anything and everything available. Among all of the choices, their burgers that are ground fresh daily never disappoint (I’m a huge fan of their caprese burger). With 18 unique burger and slider meals to choose from at an average and affordable price of $7.75, it’s definitely worth the short drive. When you take your first bite, expect a juicy and mouthwatering experience! Also, don’t be afraid to express yourself via burger toppings for a little extra cash to make your burger true to you – your taste buds will thank you later!


Chicken with complementary sauces is what Cluck-U is all about. Among chicken wings, classic apps, wraps, salads, outrageous fries and desserts, Cluck-U serves it all. Although Cluck-U serves all kinds of food, their most popular meal has got to be their wings. However, their wings would be nothing without their famous signature sauces. With sauces ranging from mild to so hot you have to sign a waiver before eating it, there’s a flavor for everyone. If you’re really a fan of wings, consider participating in their wing eating contest! So when you receive your affordable and glorious order, grab some sauce and pig out.

Scalici’s Pizza

Fantastic pizza isn’t far for County College of Morris students. I recently decided to get a taste of Scalici’s with a few slices, one of them being ziti pizza. It was my first time eating a slice of ziti pizza and man oh man; the crust is crispy and thin but still manages to be the perfect level of doughy while the ricotta cheese and tomato sauce ooze over the penne pasta. Thick layers of fresh mozzarella cheese cover the ingredients to give the slice a cheesy and unbelievable finish. This pizza is the perfect balance between crust, sauce and toppings. Pizza this good at an affordable price is definitely a deal for your dollar. When you ask your friends to lunch at Scalici’s, they’ll respond with, “You had me at pizza.”


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