Aquatics Facility capped with new crown

Sports Editor

On Sept. 21, 2015, Safeway Construction laid tarps on the pool and on its roof to begin the construction on a new roof in the County College of Morris’ Aquatics Facility. According to Jack Sullivan, the school’s Athletic Director, they partake in the final of a series of renovations on the entire Health and Physical Education building that began in the summer of 2014.

“Everything’s good,” said Jerry Habbistroh, a construction worker on the project. He expects the new roof to look “100 percent better” than its predecessor.

“We’re totally changing the roof,” said Glenn Hamilton, a College Architect. “It was way beyond its warranty.”

Hamilton explained that the old unit, made by EDP Roofing, leaked water from the humidity generated by the pool out of its insulation. To fix this problem, CCM built their first thermoplastic roof on campus to cover its aquatics facility. Karen VanDerhoof, Vice President of Business and Finance, said that this roof will consist of three layers; a water tight layer on top, followed by a level of insulation and an extra layer beneath it to fasten it.

Hamilton said that the new roof is less likely to fail, but in case it does by leaking as the previous roof did, it will be easy to fix. They will also add an air-conditioning unit made for pool areas called a PoolPak, with hope to keep the humidity level at a minimum.

VanDerhoof said that the facility’s renovations will cost $219,234. She also said that the Safeway team would finish the top layer by Sept. 25, 2015.

“I believe anything being upgraded in the facilities or buildings is a great thing for CCM,” said Krystal Hoffman, Aquatics Supervisor for County College of Morris. “We should see a difference with the amount of heat we were losing though the roof, the amount of humidity that was building up from leaks in the roof, and we should no longer have a roof leaking during rain storms.”

Public Safety says that since they need to turn the fire alarm off in the pool area, they conduct fire checks on its grounds  at three hour intervals.

Sullivan expects the project to finish by Oct. 19, 2015. CCM’s September pool schedule claims that open swim will continue in late October. The free swim schedule can be found at CCM’s website,


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