Welcome Back Bash Breaks Down Barriers

Entertainment Editor

On September 22, clubs across the County College of Morris campus participated in the school’s annual Welcome Back Bash in hopes of recruiting new members. With food, free giveaways, and an ice cold water dunk tank, students were scattered all along the event enjoying the festivities – learning more about their school community, and all it has to offer.

One club in particular did an extraordinary job of grabbing students’ attention – the United Latino Organization (ULO) played fiery, energetic music, while pulling multiple individuals from the crowd, and encouraging them to dance along.

“The purpose of our club is to draw attention to and spread knowledge about Hispanic heritage,” said ULO member Byrn. “We also do a lot of work with scholarships, and fundraisers.”

Andres, ULO president, said you don’t have to be Latino to join. The club is open to anyone who wants to learn new things and have fun.

While ULO played by the strengths of music, the Diversity Organization used a different strategy – rewarding whoever signed up with a delicious cupcake. Being one of the largest clubs on campus, the organization is focused on learning, as well as embracing the various cultures and races that make up our society.

Diversity Organization member and Music Major Melanie said the purpose of the club is to bring different ethnicities together, and to try to better the community as a whole.

Another club that made an impression on students was Active Minds, and their strategic use of the one thing everybody loves most – ice cream. When individuals first arrived to collect a sweet treat they were given the basic understanding of what the club stands for, and were forced to yell “I scream for ice cream!” before being allowed to enjoy their frozen snack. When they’re not cheering on others to laugh at themselves, Active Minds is a club devoted to bringing awareness about issues surrounding the symptoms of mental health disorders, and available resources to such diagnostics. Active Minds member, Alejandro said the main focus of the club is to raise awareness of the stigma surrounding mental health.

While clubs were focused on spreading their general message to all individuals, students were also focused on appreciating all that the day had to offer.  From enjoying the candy offered at every table to playing Dance Dance Revolution by the DJ booth, the Welcome Back Bash was a tremendous hit.

“The bash was an amazing thing to do in between classes,” said CCM freshman Lawlah. “I wish this could happen every Tuesday!”


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