Students shake off summer slowdown


Summer break for college students is usually three months long.  Going from relaxing at home and tanning at the beach to sitting in class and doing homework can be a difficult switch.  Students shared some of their methods for making the back-to-school time more exciting.

“I don’t have much free time in the summer because I work five days a week as a babysitter,” said Nicole Majowicz, a liberal arts major at the County College of Morris.  “I don’t mind it because I don’t get lazy during break, and I am prepared to wake up early and do my work when it comes time for school again.”  

Majowicz also said that she has a 40-minute commute each morning to school, so during the summer there was much less money being spent on gas.  

“Between tuition, textbooks and cost of fuel, I believe the school year is the most expensive time of the year,” she added.  “In order to save myself stress when it comes time for these payments, I save the money I made from work to use during the semester.”  

Jackie Caddell, a nursing major at CCM, uses the end of summer to go back-to-school shopping for clothes and school supplies.

“I go shopping and get new clothes for the school year, as well as like a new backpack or notebooks,” Caddell said.  “That way I can look forward to wearing my new outfits and organizing my notebooks rather than just waking up early to go to class.”

Caddell also said that on the weekends during fall and winter, she visits her friends who are away at school because it helps the week go by faster if she has something to look forward to.  She said she still gets some of the real college experience, but without paying the extra money to live on campus.

Students who attend community college have a different back-to-school experience than those who live away on campus.  Alexandria Berardi, a student at Ramapo College, said she couldn’t wait for summer to be over so she could move back to school.

“It was nice to see all of my friends from home during the summer, but I also missed all of my friends from school and my roommates,” Berardi said.  “The homework and classes aren’t fun, but the rest of the time living at school is.  There is always something fun going on around campus.”  

Gregg Abdala, a student from East Stroudsburg University, has a job working on campus and was also excited to return to school for the fall semester, so he could make money and live on his own.

“The worst part is making sure I have everything I need to move in, so I just make a list so I know I have everything when I get there,” Abdala said.  “Once I’m all moved in, school isn’t so bad.  There are usually parties the first week, so that makes it a lot easier to start off a new school year.”                      


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