Softball fence allows flexibility

Sports Editor

As the fall semester has begins at the County College of Morris, so do fall sports and the biannual construction of the Lady Titans’ softball home run fence. Anyone who has witnessed or taken part of a CCM softball game could notice that most of it consists of a removable fence. Those who do not know much about the logistics of field efficiency may wonder why no one has built a permanent one.

“It’s common,” said Jack Sullivan, Athletic Director at CCM. “Flexibility is a very important thing.”

Since CCM’s softball field has a large area behind the fence area, he wanted to keep the availability of opening the area when needed.

He went on to say that the County College of Morris usually does not hold collegiate events at the field, but does hold large sports tournaments including little league games.

“I’d rather have a permanent fence all the way around, but I understand the purpose of it,” says Greg Wardlow, Head Coach of the CCM softball team.

“I’m appreciative that the field is ten times better than it used to be.”

Megan Jannuzzi, captain of the softball team, said it doesn’t make a difference if the fence is permanent or not.

“If it goes over the fence, it goes over the fence,” said Jannuzzi.

Despite this, CCM’s’ softball team benefits from the home field advantage. Last spring, they went 10-2 at home and 11-11 away. They will test their strength during their fall season that has just begun.


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