Road work causes delays, for CCM students, faculty


Traffic leading up to the County College of Morris is already stressful as far as commuting is concerned. Students are constantly racing for the best possible parking spot, or simply rushing to class to avoid receiving lates for their attendence. Morris County is not making their educational facilities any easier to access for the students of County College of Morris.

“The detour messed up my routine,” said James Manners, a criminal justice major at CCM. “I usually always take the entrance by lot 7. It made me late for class.”

The Dover-Chester road entrance to enter CCM was closed off for road maintenance this Monday, Sep 14 during college hours.

The road work is part of a $4.7 million project to improve the Sussex Turnpike, running from Dover Chester Road to West Hanover Avenue. The project when completed is expected to  widen the roads, as well make additions by installing new turning lanes and traffic lights. Among these improvements, the drainage system underneath the street is also being modified.

The road work was supposed to begin in May at the tail end of CCM’s spring semester but was delayed due to contracting issues. The delay caused construction to get put on standby until the paperwork was rectified which led to construction beginning in late August, directly coinciding with the beginning of the Fall semester.

“I think they could’ve done a better job coordinating with the college,” said Dr. Jack Bernardo, Associate Professor of political science. “We are the County College of Morris, and the County’s been very good to us, but they could’ve done better.”

Sussex Turnpike has been slated for modification since the 1970’s by the New Jersey Department of Transportation, who passed it off to Morris County for completion. The project started to improve road safety along one of Randolph’s major roadways.

“I hope we don’t have any more delays,” said Manners. “Traffic is bad enough most of the time as it is.”

Fortunately, Dover Chester Road has since been completely repaved, with only painting left to be done. Striping is expected to be done by Friday Sept 18 or by Monday Sept 27, with minimal delays.


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