Partly Monday with a chance of canceled

Acting News Editor

Since the semester started Jan. 12, County College of Morris students find themselves in the dark after classes were canceled for four consecutive Mondays, starting on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and continuing after repetitive weather complications. The major problem that this has created is the amount of canceled class sessions have increased, while the students fear for the worst once they can finally begin.

Anyone enrolled in Monday classes for the most part has had those classes meet only a few times at this point in the semester.

Peter Franco, a criminal justice major,feels as though the lack of class meetings will make it easier to fall behind.

“I feel like I’m missing out on my education,” Franco said. “I just don’t want to finally have the class and get overwhelmed.” Franco has missed his General Psychology class for the past month and has yet to hear a plan for the semester. “I haven’t heard anything about make up dates,” Franco said. “I’m not even sure who to ask.”

The initial lack of communication from CCM to students quickly erupted into rumors and speculation as to what will be the plan for making up sessions. “I’ve heard they want to set up the classes we’ve missed on Saturdays,” said CCM student John Cougle. Another more prevalent rumor that has students aggravated was the possibility of losing time from Spring

Break to go to the missed classes. “They better not be thinking about taking away my spring break,” said Shane Leyden, a computer science major.

These rumors have spread anxiety across campus, as both are unfavorable plans for a college student. Luckily, both rumors were disproved by Dr. Matthew Jones, communication department chairperson. “Anemail was sent to the head of each department from CCM’s vice president with a list of suggestions as to how to make up the time,” Jones said. “And I stress these are suggestions, not requirements.”

The lists of options opened with the idea of adding 10 minutes to each Monday class, utilizing online facilities like Blackboard for making up work, possibly adding a class session on a Friday or Saturday, or using the time during finals week at the end of the semester. There was also a last resort choice of marking the course as an incomplete grade which Dr. Jones said was, “not preferable.” Currently, none of these methods have been selected and can vary depending on what department the missed class belongs to.

The best preparation that students can do at this point is to keep in contact with professors to find out which makeup plan will be going into effect. This would include checking their student emails often to adjust to any curriculum updates sent by professors, as well as asking any questions now before it’s too late.



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