New Social Engine provides substance-free fun to CCM students

Senior Managing Editor

The New Social Engine (NSE), one of the most active clubs at the County College of Morris, has been hard at work this year. The club seeks to bring weekly events that are safe, low cost and full of fun.

“NSE gives the option to have fun without drugs and alcohol,” said Melissa Beradesco, vice president of NSE. “Having a club like this on campus proves that college students can have fun without drugs and alcohol. The main goal of NSE is to show college students a fun time without substances.”

The club’s events range from trips to Funplex to group dinners at Buffalo Wild Wings in Rockaway.

“Everyone has enjoyed the events we host and we always get positive feedback,” Beradesco said. “I have benefited from getting involved with NSE by being able to provide others with fun without substances, and the ability to explain to them why and how it can hurt them.”

Ryan Chmura, a digital media technology major, said that NSE is a great alternative for college students who like to go out and meet new people but don’t want to engage in destructive behavior.

Chmura said that while college is traditionally associated with heavy drinking at fraternity parties, or getting high off illegal substances at raves or in bars, this club is a way for students to remain social in a healthy and safe environment.

“I found out that you can have fun at CCM,” Chmura said. “When I first started, I just came to class and then went home… as soon as I joined, I knew a lot more people, I talked to more people.”

For Chmura and a lot of members of NSE, their events serve as a place to unwind from the daunting schedule of a CCM student. Balancing a full course load, on-campus commitments or extra curriculars, and a job can lead to a stressful semester. NSE is a chance for students to find balance and have fun.

Additionally, the CCM chapter of NSE is affiliated with the Drew University and Fairleigh Dickinson chapters. This helps bring a larger network of local college students together.

Freshman Joey Hemmerich, a communication major, joined NSE last semester and said that his experience in NSE has been really beneficial to his college experience so far.

Hemmerich said that he likes the structure ofthe events, because they are weekly and there is always something to do.

“Buffalo Wild Wings is every Tuesday and it’s nice because it’s like a concrete thing that we do every week,” Hemmerich said.

More importantly, he said that the nature of the club, being anti-drugs and alcohol, has brought him closer to the friends he has made in NSE.

“You feel comfortable with the people you’re with and the setting you’re in,” Hemmerich said.

NSE has many members that are involved in other clubs on campus, which helps students make connections and find other ways of getting involved. Hemmerich said that it was the first club he joined and it gave him the initiative to reach out to other organizations on campus.

“It’s a type of club that can open doors for you,” Hemmerich said. “If you’re new to the college it’s a club that you should definitely join because you can meet so many new people and make so many new friends.”



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