Motorcycle Club introduces two-wheeled fun to CCM students


News Editor

Most college clubs require room space for meetings and events, not parking spaces. That is not the case for the County College of Morris Motorcycle Club, which is new but growing.

A small group of students founded the Motorcycle Club at the end of the 2014 fall semester.

“I helped start the Motorcycle Club at CCM because I tried looking for one, but realized we didn’t have one,” said Daniil Turitsyn, vice president of the club. “It wasn’t a very difficult process because it was easy to get support from other faculty, especially when they rode as well. Even students that never sat on a motorcycle thought it would be a great idea.”

Natalia Cichocka, the club President, said the goals of the club are to meet other people who share their passions and to educate them on rider safety.

“I also want people who are starting out to get support from other more experienced riders so they make safer, more educated choices.” Cichocka said.

Camaraderie is built among club members through regular group meetings and club orga- nized group motorcycle rides during the semester. Group rides will take place on weekends in warmer weather.

Besides their passion for riding, the Motorcycle Club wants to address some concerns for its riders.

“I plan to have a speaker from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation come out to pro- mote rider safety,” Cichocka said. “I also want to personally promote motorcycle awareness because a lot of people don’t pay attention to what is around them. Most drivers are clueless about their surroundings due to common distractions such as makeup, texting, and various other trinkets. These distractions not only devour their concentration, but they also reduce the safety for both the driver and the people around them. We are part of the community and ride on the same roads you drive; we want to be seen rather than hit.”

This club is part of an assortment of niche interest clubs on campus.“If a certain group of people want to get together and have that club, I feel like they should be able to,” said Connor Kraljevich, criminal justice major. “If they have a common interest, and they want to get together and do that; they should,”

The club’s membership is currently about 15 students, but that may change once warmer weather arrives in spring.

“My favorite part about the club is that anyone can join,” said Turitsyn. “You don’t need to have a motorcycle or know anything about one, you just have to be willing to learn and we will happily assist you with the rest. Getting your license is very easy and thrilling at the same time.”

The club holds its meetings on Tuesdays in the late afternoon on campus. Students who are interested in the Motorcycle Club should contact the club president at


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