Internships help bridge the gap between classroom and career



One of the pivotal experiences one could have with their career of choice is pursuing an internship. In this day and age it has become more of a requirement than an option. Some students at the County College of Morris said they believe that internships are vital to paving their path toward the working world.

Director of Career Services, Denise Schmidt, stated her department is actively involved in finding opportunities for the student body at CCM. “We offer all kinds, from freshmen orientation to in-person guidance,” Schmidt said.

To Schmidt, it is an ongoing challenge to attain good opportunities in regards to internships if students do not reach out.

Schmidt said she believes career services’ mission for students is “to find internships that challenge students but give them confidence and a better sense of what their strengths and weaknesses are.”

Melissa Estrada, 20, said she wishes to pursue a career in TV production. She said internships are a resume booster for college students who want more experience. “I want to do one over the summer at a channel, Univision, where I feel comfortable because it is a channel that I can relate to since I’m Hispanic,” Estrada said.

Although Estrada is excited to apply for this potential internship, she does not believe she is as prepared as others for it because she feels that she was not given the right amount of information from the college on how to pursue an internship.

“I think we should dedicate two to three classes to understanding internships and helping the students get the right information and tools to begin seeking one,” Estrada said, who heard about the internship process through a close friend.

Second-year graphic design major Brittany Newman said she believes that pursuing an internship helps guide young adults in the right direction. She sees them as an important stepping stone for young adults and their future.

“I know people that have gotten an internship and fell in love with their career choice because of it, and a bunch of people that realized that they didn’t want to do whatever career path they chose,” Newman said, whose dream job is to be a creative director at a major New York ad agency.

“So really right before I started my internship I guess I fell more to the side of being petrified of getting a ton of work and not meeting high quality standards,” Newman said.

Newman recalled one movie she saw about the interning world, which was “The Internship” with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. “The movie does a really good job at portraying how much pressure kids have this generation via education.”

Pre-professional biology student Katherine Kurylko said she views the media portrayal of internships in a different light than Newman. “I’ve never felt like I need to judge things based on movies, many things in movies are not represented correctly,” Kurylko said.

Kurylko, 20, wishes to be- come an intern at the U.N. as a translator. Kurylko who speaks more than two languages fluently, which include English and Spanish, said that an internship at the U.N. would further her efforts to explore her knowledge and learn from experienced people.

Internships are crucial for the future of young adults in regards to long-lasting professional connections, real life experience and a sense of direction in the pursuit of a career.


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