CCM wants to know what you think via student surveys

Acting Managing Editor

From March 23 to April 2, the Department of Institutional Research at the County College of Morris will be surveying students to find out more about the college experience.

“The whole idea is to get some feedback from students,” said Bette Simmons, vice president of Student Development and Enrollment Management. “It’s one of those things where it helps inform us about things that we need to improve upon.”

Mike Arabitg, a Technical Research Technician at CCM, said the survey packet will take approximately 45-50 minutes to complete.

“If you’re under 18, you’re not supposed to take [the survey],” Arabitg said. “You can take it more than once if you just so happen to be in two courses that have been chosen, but we don’t force you to take it the second time because again, it’s supposed to be about the entire college, not that one particular course.”

The University of Texas is in charge of what classes get tested for this survey.

“What we do is send them a list of all our courses that semester, and they send us back a list of about 8 courses,” Arabitg said.

Once the survey packets for the chosen courses are completed, they’re sent back to the University of Texas for the data to be aggregated and compared to other community colleges around the country. Results will be posted in June or July, according to Arabitg.

The most likely candidates for the survey are courses that are mandatory for most majors.

“They’ll probably touch English composition classes because every student has to take a comp class, so that gives us a large pool of students,” said Simmons. “It could be general psychology classes, composition classes, but classes that a majority of students will take. It wouldn’t be a digital media class because thats a small population [of the student body].” This survey marks the first time students will be surveying administrators.

“We decided that we’d get student leaders from our Student Government association, the Ambassadors, and Phi Theta Kappa to gointo the classrooms and instruct the students on how to take the surveys,” said Simmons. “Hopefully that’ll allow us to have even greater feedback.”

Simmons said honest feedback from students is extremely important.

“It helps inform us about things that we needto improve upon,” said Simmons. “It doesn’t necessarily mean that there are going to be sweeping changes that a student will see … but it’ll give us some food for thought in terms of future programming, the opportunity to make sure we have the right services for students and just make the institution think more about what we can do to improve the students’ overall experience. Most of it is subtle types of things but its an opportunity for us to take a step back and hear from the people who experience what we deliver and tell us ‘Yeah, you’re hitting the mark,’ or ‘No, you’re not, and here is where we think you can make some changes.’”



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