Baseball starts to heat up for post-season; Yankees sit home


More than 160 games are in the books, as the regular season in the Major Leagues comes to a close. Now, the MLB’s best battle it out for the World Series crown. With post-season baseball starting Tuesday, Sept. 30, the slate is wiped clean for all remaining teams that will participate for a chance to play in this years Fall Classic. The autumn air sweeping through the stadium means that you have reached the playoffs. The first step, of many, to winning it all. But what happens in the next month is unpredictable. Favorites and underdogs take center stage, and as the weather cools down, baseball heats up.

“The Royals have a chance to go far this post-season. Their pitching rotation can do some real damage,” said Akash Agnihotri, a CCM nursing major. “I think the Royals could go deep into the postseason.”

The game might still be too slow for many, but the competitiveness is unquestionable. Players, and even careers can be made or broken in the month of October. The New York Yankees’ own Reggie Jackson is a prime example of just that. Being nicknamed Mr. October for his incredible postseason play, having a career batting average of .357 in five World Series appearances. It takes a different type of player to show up when the game counts.

“I like seeing who shows up. Clutch players show up in October,” said Moe Grudic, 21. “You can tell who wants it more when it is the postseason. It is always fun to see.”

In the local area, baseball fans have witnessed 11 straight postseason appearances by the New York Yankees since 2000. The Mets have also made the playoffs twice in that time. But with both New York teams having an off year (both missing the playoffs), non-baseball fans might not tune in to watch a few innings here and there to check on their local teams.

“I am not watching baseball anymore. When Derek Jeter retired, I retired from watching baseball.” said Greg Florio, a now-former New York Yankee fan. “He was my favorite player. I loved watching him, in the post-season especially.” Now, all the regular season stats are meaningless. Every team is 0-0. Now, the biggest names in the game take the stage. What happens in the next 30 days will determine what baseball fans talk about for the next 6 months. Heroes are born, scapegoats are made. Only one team will win it all, but a lot will transpire in this month. But that does not change the game itself. One team has to win it all. One month.


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