Automated cars finally get their licenses

BY BRIAN PEREYRA Technology Editor

Computer-driven cars have been on the roads of California for more than four years now. The Department of Motor Ve- hicles is now requiring the self-driving cars to be registered and to have testing permits. These permits allow 29 vehicles from three different companies to be driven on freeways and in neighborhoods.

The permits are regulating the testing that has been underway for quite some time. Google alone is very close to completing 1 million miles. The search engine company has been fond of the automated cars, which navigate using high-tech sensors and extremely detailed maps.

Of course, for safety purposes, the cars will have a human operator behind the steering wheel, just in case the computer starts to malfunction in the middle of traffic.

“This isn’t a good idea,” said Yasmine Perez, a junior at Montclair State University.

“It’s dangerous. Even if these cars go through countless tests, the computer is bound to go haywire.” said Luz Delgadillo, a student at Nova Southeastern University

These cars may be the future vehicle for the average driver, but for now they represent a tiny fraction of California’s 32,000,000 registered vehicles. 25 out of the 29 cars are Google’s souped-up Lexus SUVs. The other four are from Mercedes and Volkswagen, both brands having two smart cars each.

Corey Aron, a graduate from Montclair, is eager about the future of transportation. “It’s pretty far out that someone can just punch in some coordinates and the car can start moving. With pretty strict regulations in order to obtain this special license, if this was to come to fruition, well then flying cars really won’t surprise me on being the next thing that we’ll see when we are much older.”



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