Fall playlist


The first few weeks of fall have seen big hits as far as music goes. iTunes has released over 30 chart-topping albums that range from Indie/Folk debuts to brand new Country singles that have come out just in time to get you grooving to the back-to-school blues. Here are the top five albums you should definitely be listening to:

1. “Listen” by The Kooks. This is the British band’s fourth studio album. Unlike their previous releases “Konk” (2008) and “Junk of the Heart” (2011), “Listen” features elements of jazz, gospel and R&B mixed with their original style of indie rock and pop. If you like the Arctic Monkeys or The 1975, you will definitely appreciate the style of The Kooks.

2. “Dream Your Life Away” by Vance Joy. His debut album went straight to number one on the iTunes Alternative charts within 15 minutes of its release. It features his previously released single “Riptide,” which found him a spot on the charts back in 2013.

3. “V” by Maroon 5. The fifth studio album was appropriately titled with the roman numeral for five, and for those who have never been a fan of Maroon 5, this album will definitely change your opinion. Adam Levine’s songwriting skills combined with the return of their keyboardist, Jesse Carmichael, creates a combination of songs that you cannot help but love.

4. “Title” EP by Meghan Trainor. Although she seemed to come into the music scene out of nowhere, she has been an active singer/songwriter since 2011. She dominated the charts with her hit single “All About That Bass,” released in 2014. Her older albums and brand new songs are definitely worth a listen. We are just seeing the beginning of her talent.

5.“Sundown Heaven Town” by Tim McGraw. Calling all country music fans! This is the 13th studio album released from the country star. Reviewers say that he takes a few musical chances, stretching his genre a little more than he usually does. However, it still carries the same theme that is evident in every album released by McGraw. This album has the country beats that make you crave summer.

There is nothing better than having new music to listen to. Check out these chart-toppers and expand your musical horizon just in time for school to begin.


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