Welcome Back Bash brings students together


PHOTO BY RACHEL NIDER Frisbee Club Member wins The Youngtown Edition photograph contest.

Frisbee Club Member wins The Youngtown Edition photograph contest.

Students gathered for the annual Welcome Back Bash near the Student Community Center at The County College of Morris on Sept. 23.
The Welcome Back Bash is strategically scheduled each year in late September. This year alone drew in a crowd of approximately 1,000 students.
“We purposely do it a little into September to give students a chance to settle into their classes,” said Don Phelps, the Associate Director for the Office of Campus Life. “It gives the new students and the continuing students an opportunity to find out what opportunities are out there as far as the clubs and organizations.”
Sign-up sheets were readily available for students to sign up for updates on their favorite clubs.

“We ask the students, we do a survey of all the clubs out there, and to see how many students they interact with,” Phelps said. “We ask them how many students signed up for your group and to see groups with thirty, fifty, seventy people signed up, that’s the best part.”
Each club table had members willing to answer any questions and educate the students on their particular club.
“I am here to represent the outdoors club and to try and help get people to sign up because going outside is very important, and I feel like people are forgetting that,” said Kaitlyn Alegria, a member of the outdoors club at CCM.
The tables were decorated with colorful balloons, posters, and free food.
“I’m telling them what we are doing and it’s a lot of fun,” Alegria said. “We’re going outside to hike, white water rafting, and we have paintball competitions which are a lot of fun, so I think that’s what’s more intriguing for people to sign up for the outdoors club.”
CCM has clubs that range from cooking to motorcycles. The students were able to find what club suites their interests and interact with the members who share those as well.
“We had a lot of new people sign up,” Alegria said. “I’ve only been here for about 30 minutes and I think I had a great amount of people interested and I think they’re all really excited for this club.
This bash integrates new students together based on their similar interests and allows them to take advantage of these great opportunities.
“This is the first time that the freshmen students get to see all the different clubs the school has to offer,” said Maretta Scognamiglio, a first time student at CCM. “Today’s atmosphere is pretty cool and I think the students are really enjoying it.”


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