NSE arranges exciting event for students

Managing Editor 

New Social Engine, a club at County College of Morris, hosted their annual free Funplex night, March 27. NSE serves to provide these types of social outings to reduce the risks of alcohol and drug use among the student body.

Jeremy Forrester, NSE president and a student at CCM for three years, helps arrange these events for students.

“This is our annual free Funplex night where we [collaborate] with Fairleigh Dickinson University and Drew University,” Forrester said. “We rented out Funplex for two and half hours.” 

Not only was it free to get into Funplex, but students who were invited had access to free tokens, pizza and soda while enjoying the rides, according to Forrester.

“Basically, it’s just to show them that there are other things you could do on any night without going to parties, drinking, drugs and stuff. There are alternatives,” Forrester said.

There were approximately 160 students who came to NSE’s Funplex night, according to Forrester. Events in the past had more than 200 students come to enjoy the rides and celebrate being sober.

“We had one that was over 230 once,” Forrester said. “It really varies on people’s schedules but for the most part, it’s always a high number of students that show up.”

Fairleigh Dickinson University, Drew University and County College of Morris financed events such as this for the students to go out with friends and meet new people from different colleges.

“We talk to campus life there, and we work with them to get money in order to organize these events,” Forrester said. “In the past, we used Prevention is Key, which is an organization that stands for what our club stands for. Now we are just getting help from the schools.”

Christian Ibahay, a student at CCM majoring in business administration, believes that NSE does a great job at being involved with the student’s welfare.

“This event is the best event for NSE,” Ibahay said. “People from Drew University and Fairleigh Dickinson University, I’m not really sure how involved they are, but CCM is pretty good with it.”

Tyler Stager, a student at CCM majoring in mechanical engineering, was invited to Funplex by a friend.

“At first I was a little nervous because I knew there was going to be a lot of people. But I ended up having a lot of fun,” Stager said. “I went on the free fall ride and the bumper cars. The best part was my friend won me a stuffed animal.”

The lines at Funplex were long, but worth the wait, according to Stager. The opportunity to have a free, fun night with friends without worrying about the cost or who is driving home was made possible by NSE.

“So far it seems like everyone is having fun with the go-karts and laser tag… Sounds like everyone is enjoying all the rides. You can hear them screaming throughout the place,” Forrester joked. “It’s just a fun night to come out with their friends and meet more people.”


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