CCM students call for intramural basketball league

Sports Editor

Every day at County College of Morris, students go to the gym on campus to work out and play basketball.

Some students believe basketball should be offered as an intramural sport for those who want to play for fun.

Stephen Heo, an exercise science and education major, said that students would play intramural basketball if it was offered and that there is hidden talent that would be revealed in an intramural setting. 

“I think at CCM there’s at least 3,000 kids that had talent that aren’t on the basketball team because of favoritism or politics, so they would rather enjoy the intramural league if we had one,” he said.

According to Heo, if CCM had an intramural basketball league, a lot of students that come to the gym in between classes or during college hour would play.

“You always see guys during their break, they’re always in the gym playing pickup games,” said Heo. “Either playing five on five, or four on four, so I think a lot kids would play.”

Jonathan Descorbeth, a business administration major at CCM, takes a similar stance, as he believes that intramural basketball is a fun sport that everyone can play.

“At least one third of the school would play,” he said.

Exercise science major Mike Dipasquale seemed to agree that many students who did not make the main team would be interested in playing intramural basketball instead.

“I believe that most people who can’t really play in another league or just want to play just to be around the game should come out to play,” Dipasquale said.

He also said that he enjoys watching the game himself during his workouts.

“I think a lot of people would try it,” Dipasquale said. “I’m always in this health building. I always see a million people in there shooting around, playing knockout, playing a pickup game, playing everything. It’s really competitive.”


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