CCM hosts annual Language Coffee Hour

Assistant News Editor

County College of Morris language department hosted the annual Language Coffee Hour Thursday, April 3 at Sheffield Hall study lounge, where students were able to gather information about studying abroad, career options, clubs and the languages honor society, according to the CCM website. 

“The Language Coffee Hour has been done for about seven years,” said Professor Jose Ortiz Batista, Chairperson of the languages and ESL department. “Professors from all language departments are here to present and discuss options for fellow students who need or would like to take a CCM language course.”

Every year, guest speakers share their experiences on learning and using languages in their careers, according to Batista.

“This year we preferred to have an admission session instead of a guest speaker,” Batista said. “Advisement week is coming soon, so we felt it would be great to leave students prepared and aware of how useful a course could be in their career choices.”

During the admission session, Professor James Hart, Assistant Chairperson of the languages and ESL department, spoke to the students about the International Studies and the Study Abroad programs offered by CCM.

“The International Studies program is in the liberal arts curriculum and it has a more global perspective to it,” Hart said. “The student’s elective courses are restricted to those courses related to world history, world literatures and foreign languages. This is a major that has become increasingly more useful, as the world becomes more globalized.”

The Study Abroad Program is a supplement to the International Studies Program, according to Hart, with programs in 29 different countries, all directed through him.

“We belong to the College Consortium for International Studies and it is through the consortium schools that students can travel abroad,” he said. “We have many students who are returning from countries like Japan and Australia.”

Hart informed the students that the program is not restricted to certain majors, students from almost any major find that they can study abroad and still earn credit toward graduation.

The event also held a career options table hosted by Rosemary Grant, Associate Director of Career Services and Cooperative Education at CCM.

Grant guided students on how to use CCM jobs listing webpage and emphasized that at the moment there are many international companies looking for students who are able to communicate in German and French.

“It doesn’t matter the student major,” Grant said. “If the student can get language skills underdeveloped as a minor, whether on four years programs or just take courses here, the student will be above other candidates. It is very important in this competitive job market.”

French, Spanish, Russian, German and Italian students were able to interact and discover more about the language one’s studying during activities. Professors from each subject were also present to assist anyone interested in a course.

Natasha Griffith, liberal arts major at CCM, is currently taking French classes. She attended the Language Coffee Hour in hopes of gaining more members for her French club.

“I would love to practice the language more on campus, not only in the classroom,” Griffith said. “There are 15 students who have joined. We are waiting to be approved by the SGA and hopefully the club will launch in the fall.”

Language Coffee Hour is an effective approach on students. It shows a better perspective of all the benefits languages programs can bring. Those who could not attend and are interested in language courses can visit the Languages and ESL Department in DeMare Hall, room DH207.


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