Students predict NCAA winners

Sports Editor 

Spring is here at County College of Morris, and so is the NCAA’s annual Division I basketball tournament. In response to the tournament, CCM students made brackets predicting which college would take home the coveted, gold-plated trophy. 

However, during every NCAA tournament, most brackets are thrown in the garbage because of the countless upsets occurring each year. However, the tournament’s upsets do not stop countless people from making brackets every year.

Rob Masino, a biology major, selected the Michigan State University Spartans to win this year’s NCAA tournament.

“A lot of people have been talking about how Michigan State is going to be really healthy because they have most of their players back and they’re all seniors,” Masino said. “I just feel very strongly that they’re going to win.” 

If Michigan State does not win the tournament, Masino mentioned that he would pick Duke University. As of March 25, Duke, seeded No. 3, lost in a rare upset to Mercer University, seeded No. 14, in the second round. 

“I’d probably root for Duke,” Masino said. “Only because if I had to pick a team to be a fan of, I’m a Duke fan. It’s just over being a favorite, and I just thought they’re really good.” 

Masino also talked about his opinion on Warren Buffet’s and Dan Gilbert’s offer to anyone who made a perfect bracket, saying that there’s a very small chance for someone to make a perfect bracket. 

“There are several ways to fill out the bracket,” Masino said. “It’s pretty much a very small chance for someone to actually fill it out completely correct.” 

CCM basketball player, Ryan Harris, said he picked Syracuse University to win the NCAA tournament. As of March 22, Syracuse lost to Dayton University, who was ranked No. 11.

“I feel when it comes down to the wire, they are going to pull it off,” he said. 

Harris said if Syracuse is eliminated, which happened during the third round on March 22, he would pick the University of Arizona because they are exciting to watch.

“With Aaron Gordon, Gabe York and all of them, that’s a good team,” he said. “They’re fun to watch and real good.” 

Some people do not make brackets because of all the risks with a high ranked team losing in an early round. 

David Price, a liberal arts major, did not make a bracket, but believed Wichita State would win this year’s tournament because of their undefeated regular season and mentioning that Wichita State made the Final Four last year.

“Most of the team stayed from last year,” Price said. “I know they’re in a weak conference but they got a punch.” 

As of March 23, Wichita State’s perfect season was snapped in the third round by the Kentucky Wildcats.

Price said if Wichita State were to get eliminated, the University of Florida would’ve knocked Wichita State out. 

“I like Florida,” Price said. “They’re in a tough conference and they’ve had a bunch of good competition.” 

Price stated that Buffet and Gilbert’s $1 billion bracket offer is a far-fetched idea and not likely to be accomplished.

“I highly doubt it’s going to happen,” 

Price said. “Not every game’s a coin flip.”

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