PTK Spotlight

Features Editor

Sandy Froonjian was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society in 2013 and became active in the organization beginning in January 2014. She regularly attends member meetings and often jumps at opportunities to aid the chapter by volunteering at events and constantly proposing new, creative ideas. 

Froonjian is one of the most friendly, supportive and compassionate members PTK has active in the chapter. She is the ideal choice for Phi Theta Kappa’s Alpha Kappa Kappa chapter’s “Member of the Month” for February.

Froonjian’s favorite aspect of the organization is the people and the sense of fellowship among members.

“I enjoy being a part of PTK because I like the people in the group,” Froonjian said. “The meetings are fun. Plus, every so often there are fun events to go to such as pottery painting.”

Froonjian is an environmental science major at CCM and she hopes her future career revolves around the preservation of ecosystems, habitats, biodiversity, and the advocation of animal rights. After graduating from CCM, she intends to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution then continue on to pursue a master’s degree.

In her spare time, Froonjian enjoys knitting, crocheting, hiking, reading and being outdoors.


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