Phi Theta Kappa wins awards

Online Editor

The County College of Morris chapter of Phi Theta Kappa attended the 27th Annual Middle States Regional Convention, which was held from March 7-9 at the Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club in Galloway, N.J.

At the convention, CCM’s chapter of PTK won three awards out of a pool of more than 75 chapters – Honors in Action Project Award, Middle States Gold Award, and Distinguished Chapter Award. 

Kelby Clark, the vice president of leadership for PTK, spoke with eloquence about her time at the convention and the hard work that the entire team put in to get there.

“Our chapter [of Phi Theta Kappa], Alpha Kappa Kappa, has worked long and hard to get to where we are today,” Clark said. “All seven of the original members of the officer team, myself included, came into the fall semester in 2013 looking to make this chapter into something that we could all be proud of. Phi Theta Kappa conventions are always exciting events. They provide a chance for Phi Theta Kappans to learn, to network, to be motivated, and to be inspired.”

PTK now has the opportunity to attend the 96th Annual National Convention, Nerd Nation, in Orlando, Fla. April 24-26. Alpha Kappa Kappa is a part of the Middle States Region, which consists of all of the PTK chapters from District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Aaron Delmundo, PTK’s vice president of fellowship, explained what it took for PTK to win the three awards.

“We won our awards through setting goals, working together as a strong team, and executing what we set out to achieve,” Delmundo said. “These awards would not have been possible without the Officer Team and the support of our members.”

Clark expressed gratitude to all of the members, Campus Life, and the PTK adviser, Dr. Bette Simmons, for making a difference in the CCM community.

“As Alpha Kappa Kappans, we all have a passion for Phi Theta Kappa and it is seen in all the hard work and enthusiasm that all the officers and members of this chapter put in to all our events and projects,” Clark said. “That is what truly got us those three awards. As an officer team, we have all certainly come a long way, even past our own struggles, in leading this chapter to the top, and we could not have done it without Campus Life, our adviser, and our members.”

PTK’s President, Anhelina Mahdzya, didn’t attend the convention, but spoke highly about her PTK community.

“I could not be more happy with honors that have been bestowed on our chapter,” Mahdzya said. “Our entire officer team and member base worked extremely hard this past semester to get us here, and it’s still a shock that we made it this far. We started the fall semester as a completely new officer team, with a huge task of getting our chapter to the 5 Star level within one semester. We put in countless hours for planning and implementing our projects. The honor of being the top PTK chapter in such a huge region is a testament to how hard we have all worked to get us here.”


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