Learning Resource Center to return in May

Staff Writer 

After a long period of construction and remodeling, County College of Morris’ library is returning to the Sherman H. Masten building. Students are excited for it to return to the way it once was. 

The Sherman H. Masten building, located in the large building between the Student Community Center and the primary campus building, used to house the library and many important services for the school and its students. During spring break in the 2013 spring semester, the library and many of its services, including Disability Services and Testing Services, moved to other parts of the campus to allow for renovation. The building has been inaccessible since. 

The library moved to a building on Route 10, accessible from the campus via a path from parking lot 7. Some students found that the new location suited their needs. 

“I used the library once,” said Lauren Fornini, a communication major at CCM. “I used it to find a textbook for one of my classes. The front desk staff was very helpful and I found the book I needed very easily.” 

Fornini added, that she would not see the library return, since she will be graduating at the end of the spring 2014 semester, but she had a positive outlook for the future. 

“I think that new students are going to like the library,” she said. “They’ll like that it’s high-tech, and like the new additions.” 

One student has put off using the new location, opting to wait for its return to the Sherman H. Masten building. 

“I never used the library once it moved,” said Natasha Go, a sophomore at CCM. “It was just too far out of the way. I didn’t even know where it was a for a while.” 

Go added that she did not find the temporary situation up to the standards that she had expected from the library. 

“I understand that they had to move things and that it was short notice, but I almost feel like no one would want to go there unless they had to,” she said. “Some of my friends had to go up to the other building for class, and they didn’t like it. It’ll be nice to have the library back where it was, especially with all the improvements I’ve heard about.” 

The library was supposed to return to the Learning Resource Center during spring break the week of March 9. However, extreme winter weather caused a manufacturing interruption that delayed the delivery of furniture for the renovated facility, according to the CCM website. Until the end of the 2014 spring semester, the library will remain at its location at 675 Route 10. 

When the Learning Resource Center reopens in May, it will house the library, Disability Services, Testing Services and the media center. New features will include a cafe and an expanded art gallery.


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