Titans baseball brings winning attitude to field

Staff Writer

PHOTO BY HALEY BECZA CCM Titans practice in the gym due to weather complications.

CCM Titans practice in the gym due to weather complications.

The County College of Morris baseball team has had notable seasons the past two years, making it to the Final Four both times. The Final Four is a region based series that includes the top four teams at the end of the regular season. The Titans have lost old players, while gaining new ones and are looking forward to the season.

The CCM Titans will be coached by fifth year head coach Brian Eberly. Assisting Eberly are Coach Sean, Coach Dick, Coach Jerry and Coach Mike.

Justin Ferreira, an exercise science major and outfielder, is excited about the spring 2014 season. The season opened noon Saturday, March 1 with two seven-inning games against Prince George’s Community College. Leading up to the first game the team had no field practice due to the snow and cold weather, so their practice has been restricted to the CCM gym.

“It’s a very big disadvantage,” said Andrew Coco, a criminal justice major and Titans starting pitcher. “We haven’t touched the field yet.”

Ferreira, in his fourth semester at CCM, was quick to express his concern regarding the lack of field time experienced by the team.

“You can’t see how far you’re hitting the ball inside the cage,” Ferreira said. “Outfielders haven’t taken any fly balls or done distance throwing.”

The Titans’ performance in their sea- son opener in Baltimore could have been affected due to the amount of time spent in the gym. The team is still staying positive and said it won’t hurt their chemistry on the field.

“There’s a lot of returners this year, the team has more experience,” Ferreira said. “The freshmen have a lot of potential, they are all fast.”

Randy Squier, an exercise science major and catcher, was excited when talking about his new teammates, as were Ferreira and Coco. They are looking forward to seeing the freshmen get the opportunity to shine on the field.

They said to especially keep an eye out for catcher and outfielder, Jose Moreno.

“He’s a very diverse ball player,” Squier said. “He’s got a fast, good arm.”

Squier, Ferreira and Coco said they have already seen respect grow between the teammates, new and returning. Even agreeing that each player brings something important to the team and everyone knows and understands their role.

“It makes a team play better with each other, if you have a general respect [for one another],” Ferreira said.

Andres Santana, a liberal arts major and freshman outfielder, has played the sport his whole life. Regardless of this being his first year as a Titan, he is not nervous, only excited.

“When I first came it was like coming into the [big] dogs,” Santana said. However, after getting to know the veteran players he said, “We’re all here for one thing: to win.”

Ferreira said that he is most anticipating their game against Delaware Technical Community College. The last two years, when playing in the Final Four, the Titans have lost to Del Tech.

“It’s important to beat them,” said Ferreira.

Coco added that Del Tech is a beatable team. The Titans’ victory is possible, but winning is something they will be striving for every time they step onto the field no matter their opponent.

The team will play seven games March 8-13 in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Following their trip south, the athletes will be at CCM noon Saturday, March 15 for their first home game against Ocean County Community College. Assuming the field is ready for play, it will take place as sched- uled.

The schedule can be found in its finalized form on the CCM website. A link to the team’s page is provided with access to the roster, coaches, schedule and other general information about the team.

“Seeing people going to games gives us more of a positive vibe on the field,” Ferreira said. “We feel more obligated to put on a show and it builds our confidence.”


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