Students to Mother Nature: No more snow!

Managing Editor

PHOTO BY MIKE DICOLA Snow covers the outside of DeMare Hall.

Snow covers the outside of DeMare Hall.

The weather outside is frightful… and so undelightful. The winter wonderland surrounding County College of Morris appeared beautiful with the high mounds of wondrous impacted snow and the excitement of slippery slopes of icy walkways. But, the weather has been causing chaos for students and teachers.

CCM has been racking up the number of closed days due to snow. Students and professors have all been affected by the amount of lost time for classes.

“It has made it really difficult for me to get to work and class. The snow makes me late all the time,” said Theresa Davis, a student at CCM for three years. “I never anticipate it’s going to be as much as it is.”

The traveling time to class has been increasingly strenuous, according to Davis. The ice that was on the roads could have caused many of the students to drive slower. As a result, students could have been late to class having less time for in-class work.

“I think some of the times [CCM] called snow days were not completely necessary. I didn’t think it was that much snow,” Davis said. “The worst part about the snow is the loss of parking spots. It’s twice as hard to find a place now.”

Snow piles have been taking over several large areas of the parking lots. The competition between students racing for the best spaces were vicious.

“I had to shovel a lot and I developed some very nice deltoid and pectoral muscles,” joked Professor [Reeves] Geraghty, a professor for biology of environmental concerns at CCM. “But parking hasn’t been an issue for me.”

All the snow days have been impacting in-class time; especially for the labs, according to Geraghty. It was difficult for professors to reschedule lectures, projects and other important assignments for students.

“It makes less available time to study the material for class,” Geraghty said. “We will be doing alternate things to provide for the rest of the time. I am considering adding class time at the end of the week if it works for my students. I’m also adding some extra stuff for students to do on BlackBoard for work at home to catch up on assignments we were supposed to do in class.”

Professors might have to rearrange things to work with students, according to Geraghty. However, not all students can make new arrangements due to other classes or work schedules.

Professors have been given optional suggestions to make up lost classes. The faculty can add additional time to scheduled classes for the remaining days, use BlackBoard to post materials or lectures for students, add additional class meetings scheduled on either Friday or Saturday and use time for scheduled test or finals for instruction, according to an email sent out by Dr. Dwight Smith, the vice president of academic affairs of CCM.

“On the days off, students just have to keep up with their studies as if they were in class,” Davis said. “As long as you do the things you’re supposed to do, the snow days won’t affect your grades. Most teachers don’t want to add more class meetings. Instead, they will probably give you more things to do at home.”


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