Titans lacrosse hopes to have winning season

Sports Editor

With spring only one month away, the County College of Morris Titans Lacrosse season is ready to start the season up with a game against the Northern Virginia Novas. Titan Lacrosse coaches and players expect to improve their 4-13 record from the previous season and make it to the playoffs.

Dan Pasquariello, a first-year exercise science major and Titans Lacrosse player, said he hopes to have more than .500 season for the Titans this year.

“I mean we got a good squad,” Pasquariello said. “We got a bunch of returning kids. A lot of kids are stepping up, showing they are leaders of this team, working together, and we’re still trying to find out our chemistry with each other. But we’re looking forward to having an over .500 season this year.”

Pasquariello expressed how he would like to see the team develop strong chemistry.

“My main goal I’d say is that all of us are trying to get our team together and have everyone be on the same page,” Pasquariello said. “We don’t want any selfishness this year; we want every- body to work together, we want everybody to get along with each other cause when that’s not going right, we don’t have chemistry with each other, then we have a lot of problems… then everything just goes downhill from there.”

Pasquariello finally and most importantly mentioned how this season, he hopes the team will get to experience playoff time and improve from last season’s record.

“Last season wasn’t too successful, but hopefully we’re looking to turn things around this year,” Pasquariello said. “We have a good squad this year; we’re really looking to get a lot of work done and hopefully see some playoff time.”

Matt Thompson, a mechanical engineering major and red shirt freshman, also hopes to win games and craft a better record for the 2014 Titans Lacrosse season.

“My expectations for the season are just [to] win games,” Thompson said. “That’s the only expectation I have. Win games, get better.”

Thompson, also expects to make the final game in the playoffs.

“I want to have is to have a guaranteed spot in the final game in the playoffs,” Thompson said.

Thompson talked about how the first lacrosse game of the 2014 season is against Northern Virginia Novas in Maryland and he hopes to get a win from that first game.

“Our first game of the season is Feb. 22 against Nova down in Maryland,” Thompson said. “Should be a good game, I’m not going to preview anything because you’ll never know, but I hope it to be a win.”

Titans Lacrosse coach, Todd Cieri, explained how the playoffs are very easy and that he is also expecting to make the playoffs for the 2014 season.

“Our playoffs are very easy,” Cieri said. “There’s only five teams in our region and we’re making it like a five team tournament. So we’ll make our tournament in the end of the year, we’ll make playoffs that guaranteed.”

Coach Cieri, talked about how the young lacrosse players need to have a schedule that works with lacrosse practices.

“The young guys need to learn a little more responsibility, getting their schedules straight, and making time for lacrosse this season,” said Cieri. “The returning guys are already aware of the expectations and their responsibilities of the team; so they’re usually here a little bit more often, but there are a few kids who are here; dedicated every day no excuses, and those are the kids we want on this team.”

Coach Cieri mentioned how scrimmages with conference rivals differ from scrimmages with club teams from four year schools, he also mentioned that there will not be any scrimmages leading to the first game of the season against Nova due to the winter storms this February.

“Once you start with games, you have to continue with games,” Cieri said.


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