Students weigh in on Oscar predictions, Ellen as host

Assistant Entertainment Editor

Ever since the first televised ceremony in 1953, the Oscars has evolved into an astounding experience for viewers at home each year. Nominees in the categories of acting, directing, editing, screenwriting, films, foreign films, music and visual effects have been presented the “Academy Award of Merit”, ever since the first awards banquet on May 16, 1929.

Marcus Raman, a 22-year-old business administration major at County College of Morris, said that he doesn’t watch the Oscars and probably will not be tuned in this year.

“I don’t really care too much for the Oscars,” Raman said. “I don’t watch a lot of TV and never had an interest in the show.”

According to Raman, there are two nominees that he would like to see win an Oscar. He believes these two actors should be recognized for their work ethic.

“Even though I haven’t seen the movie,‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ I’m familiar with Leonardo DiCaprio’s work and he is a phenomenal actor who deserves to receive his first Oscar,” Raman said. “‘12 Years a Slave’ was a very emotional movie and I think that Chiwetel Ejiofor, did an outstanding job as the leading actor and deserves an award.”

“For me, I like the Oscars. I think that the hosts are always very good and that the whole show is put together very well, but I also feel that it isn’t special because there are so many award shows,” said Tiffany Griff, an 18-year-old TV broadcasting student at CCM. “I don’t really watch the Oscars to see who gets the awards, I mainly watch to see what the actors and actresses are wearing.”

For best picture, Griff added that ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ should win an Oscar. “This movie was in the process of being made for a long time and it turned out to be worth the wait. It is an important movie based on true events.”

Marcus Raman and Tiffany Griff said they are expecting a lot of good humor again this year because Ellen Degeneres, a television icon, is going to be the host for the second time.

“I’m so excited to be hosting the Oscars again for the second time,” Degeneres said in an advertisement on the ABC Television Network. “You know what they say — third time’s the charm.”

According to the Academy President, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, in “The Oscar Blog,” states she’s “Looking forward to an entertaining, engaging and fun show.”

The Oscars is a time when the nominees are appreciated and recognized for their hard work and ambition. This year’s 87th Academy Awards will broadcast live on Sunday, March 2 at 7 p.m. on ABC.


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