Spotlight: Professor Pallant

Managing Editor

For four years, David Pallant, a professor in the communication department at County College of Morris, has brought his experience from working at Google as a consultant and being a staff member for the Howard Dean presidential campaign to his classes for CCM students.

“I came here for teaching because of the smaller atmosphere,” Pallant said. “When I was working at Bergen Community College, our typical classes [were] … 34 to 37 students. Having that smaller ratio is better for the teacher and the students.”

According to Pallant, the smaller teacher to student ratio allows students to break through and explore deeper issues.

“Pallant is a joy and an inspiration,” said Michelle Altieri, a professor in the communication department. “His enthusiasm for the major and the department is contagious. Pallant is someone that makes everyone excited to move forward.”

He teaches Introduction to Public Relations, Introduction to Mass Media, Speech Fundamentals and is working on an advertisement course that will hopefully be ready for the fall semester of 2014. Pallant uses tools such as advertisements, Youtube clips and commercials to make his courses more entertaining for students.

“Professor Pallant, always has a lot of energy in class,” said Stephanie Brady, a communication major at CCM and one of Pallant’s students. “He always is in a good mood and tries to make every class interesting.”

Pallant was inspired to pick his career by one of his teachers during his time as an undergraduate at Amherst Community College. The teacher envisioned that everywhere individuals looked there would be ads, according to Pallant. Advertisements, corporations, media and public relations would get desperate to get citizens’ attention.

“My teacher predicted where a lot of technology and media was going,” Pallant said. “When I looked back, he seemed insane, but it all kind of came true.”

The new department of communication for CCM students is one of the benefits to being a teacher on campus, according to Pallant.

“We outgrew our numbers in the English department,” he said. On the CCM website, there is a wealth of information for communication students. This helps keep students aware of department courses, scholarships pointed toward majors involved with the department and useful information for students looking to advance themselves.

“I just recently updated, with faculty, the web page. We really cleaned it up a lot and are open to more suggestions for the site,” Pallant said. “We are hoping to get students really engaged. You can find information on there for the new honor society for communication majors.”

Pallant is the community college representative for the New Jersey Communication Association, an organization dedicated to the open exchange of ideas, information and research about communication.

“The organization is having a conference on April 12, at Kean University,” Pallant said. “We are looking to bring students to the conference.”

He said, “When you can break through to a student, it’s an amazing feeling,” Pallant said. “Being a teacher isn’t easy but I love it.”


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