Library under renovation, set to open this spring


PHOTO BY STEPHEN A. GAUTHIER Newly renovated library is set to open this spring.

Newly renovated library is set to open this spring.

The Learning Resource Center at County College of Morris has been under construction since last spring. As some students are aware, it has been temporarily located on Route 10 East.

According to Heather Craven, the director of Sherman H. Masten Learning Resource Center, she and the other librarians are excited to return to the renovated building.

“The new library will be entirely on the second floor, making the space more user-friendly and easier for us to assist students,” Craven said.

Students who use the walkway that goes past the construction zone can see the changes in exterior décor. “So far, the library is really modern looking from the outside,” said Barbara Vanderhoof, an exercise science major at CCM. “I’m glad that it’s opening before I graduate.”

Craven was able to reveal some details about what the décor will be like inside of the building once the project is completed. The overall interior of the building will now include a lighter color pallet that could create a more open and inviting feel. The newly installed heat, ventilation and air conditioning system will create a more comfortable atmosphere for the students and visitors occupying the building. There will be study rooms added to provide students with the option to study and work together in groups more privately.

Spring 2014 is currently the set opening date for the library. “I’ll still get to see and use the new building, but I wish that they had finished it sooner,” said Christine Tregoning, a student at CCM who is currently in her fourth semester. “I’m definitely going to try to get there a few times before I graduate in May.”

To some students, one of the most exciting features of the new LRC will be the coffee shop, which will have available seating for students and visitors. The area will also have a great view overlooking the campus.

“The shop will be a nice addition. I like to enjoy coffee or a snack while working, and I’m sure, students do too,” Craven said. “We will be asking visitors to bring only covered drinks and small, tidy snacks into the library area, to keep the space clean and protect the books and computers.”

Adding quite a few new features to the building could make it more appealing to students and visitors. The changes could potentially attract more foot traffic in and out of the LRC.

“I’m hoping it’s going to be a really nice, laid back place to hang out and get some work done,” Vanderhoof added. “It will be like the best of both worlds.”


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