CCM students hike great outdoors

Acting Managing Editor

Some students at County College of Morris spend their time hiking the great outdoors. Hiking in the woods can introduce a blissful silence that can relax individuals.

“Hiking is a huge stress reliever for me,” said Tyler Stager, a computer aided drafting major at CCM. “Everytime I feel overwhelmed, my friend and I go to a park by us … We spend hours there talking and walking around.”

The best way to relieve stress is to spend a day hiking and to be outdoors, according to Stager. After a physical challenge like hiking, one can forget about the long hours spent in class or work.

“Sometimes I think we forget how nice it is to take a day off from everything,” Stager said. “Iknow I do.”

Being outdoors can supply pictures that represent the beauty of the woods and experiencing the environment.

“I don’t do it often enough,” said Elizabeth Izzo, a photography major at CCM. “When I’m not busy, I try to go and catch some pictures of the light hitting the trees just right.”

The woods are one of the best places to take pictures, according to Izzo. She said some of her best photos came from hiking with her family and friends in the woods.

“My best friend jokes about not taking me anymore… I guess I take too many pictures,” Izzo said. “My favorite place to go is Hedden Park right by my house… It’s in the easiest location to get to.”

“Since I was a kid, I go hiking probably about three times a week,” said Laura Young, chemist major at CCM. “Now I’m just trying to get my daughter into it.”

She volunteers for a program called Adopt-A-Trail for Morris County. Young makes sure the Highland Trail located in Lake Hopatcong is safe for hikers.

“When I agreed to Adopt- A-Trail, I agreed to look over an assigned trail at least once a month,” Young said. “This is like the most fun I had doing any volunteer work. Anyone can do it.”

To hike responsibly, bring water and a map of the trail, always check the local weather and do not walk alone, according to Young. Hiking can be dangerous and many individuals can get lost in the woods.

“Volunteering to maintain the trail at first was just something to do,” Young said. “Now I just appreciate all the people who like come out and spend time hiking.”


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