Students snorting Smarties and other thoughtless trends

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Some middle schoolers have started to snort Smarties.

Editor in Chief

In August 1949, the founder of the Smarties Candy Company, Edward Dee, opened the first Smarties factory, then known as Ce De Candy, in Bloomfield, N.J. They are simply wrapped rolls of bite-sized wafer candies in six different pastel colors, hence earning the slogan “America’s favorite candy roll.”

According to recent findings, Smarties are now a middle schooler’s favorite candy roll for wrong and unintended reasons.

According to a New York Daily News article, some middle schoolers, particularly in Rhode Island, have begun crushing Smarties into a powder-like substance so they could snort it. Others have tried smoking it, as well.

“I guess it’s better than doing the real stuff,” said Ryan Campbell, an international studies major at County College of Morris. “But it’s still pretty stupid.”

Though this “new” trend is only recently getting recognition, it has been around since at least 2007. There are countless YouTube videos of children and teens attempting to try it out .

“I feel like they’re doing it because of TV, their older siblings, [or] people they see at the mall,” said Sara Buruschkin, a humanities major from Randolph. “Why do these kids wanna grow up so fast and try these things? Children just need to stay children.”

Buruschkin said she thinks there must been some negative health effects to doing this and she’s right.

According to the article, some side effects include: nasal scarring, allergic reactions and lung irritation. There is also a risk of nasal maggot infestation, though this is rare.

“It’s very silly that kids are trying to do this stuff. Go outside and play!” said Cassie Wittnebert, a 21-year-old liberal arts major. “People get hurt from this stuff. It’s really not worth it.”

Snorting Smarties is one of the many dangerous trends that have gone viral. In the past few years, there has been the Gallon Challenge, where someone drinks an entire gallon of milk as fast as possible without vomiting; the Saltine Cracker Challenge, where someone eats six saltine crackers in a minute without drinking anything; and, notably, the Cinnamon Challenge, which challenges the participant to ingest a tablespoon of cinnamon in under 60 seconds.

Campbell said he has not attempted any of these viral trends, but has been in the presence of those who did.

“I knew kids [in high school] that got suspended for making a mess [at lunch] with the cinnamon challenge,” he said. “They were basically choking.”

Buruschkin said she tried the Cinnamon Challenge once.

“My friends tried it and they kept yelling at me to do it,” she said. “It makes you really thirsty, so it was stupid. We did it just to see what happened, like an experiment.”

Wittnebert said her brother tried the cinnamon challenge as well, and did not like the taste of it, though he didn’t have enough to produce a noticeable reaction.

“A bunch of his friends were over and they pressured him to do it,” she said. “They said it’d be funny and [my brother] has been trying hard to be the class clown.”

What trend are they going to come up with next?


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