Paris Couture Week inspires CCM students

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CCM’s Fashion Club works on their next project.

Assistant News Editor

Designs students at County College of Morris watched attentively as Haute Couture week took over Paris to showcase luxurious garments by the world’s most prestigious designers.

Highlights of the week included sneakers on the runway, which made Chanel and Dior’s couture looks more playful; followed by Valentino’s romantic runway show inspired by the Roman opera, with gowns composed of music notes; handmade paintings, and a multicolored cape with feather butterflies that took 550 hours to apply, according to The New York Times.

Another memorable moment was the return of Schiaparelli, who hadn’t hit the runways in 60 years. The chosen designer to resuscitate the Italian brand was Marco Zanini, who presented a collection relevant to the 21st century and stated that not one garment had seen a machine.

Justin McMahon, CCM Fashion Club president, said that couture week was inspiring and will have a significant impact on the club this spring season.

“I was a little upset to not see Alexander McQueen be a part of the couture lines this year but I enjoyed Versace’s collection.” McMahon said. “She presented an edgy show, with a lot of hoods and prints that seemed like tattoos on the dresses. Most gowns were made out of silk and were just beautiful.”

Jennifer Turcios, vice president of Fashion Club, considers her style to be different.

“I like to dress sophisticated but play with color at the same time,” Turcios said. “I believe that is why I liked Ellie Saab show the best, her flowing dresses were elegant and the fabrics stunning.”

CCM Fashion Club typically hosts three fashion shows per year and Paris Couture Week, along with New York and London Fashion Week, are motivation for the students.

Wendy Carmona, professor of fashion construction, said that in the beginning of the year, students usually organize fundraisers in order to cover their upcoming events.

 “Normally in the first show we let students pick the theme and they will base their garments, either men’s or women’s wear from that,” Carmona said. “For the first show we are thinking about recycling fashion. Students have made looks out of garbage bags and candy wrappers.

Carmona called the theme “highly caffeinated” and believes couture fashion had an impact in the student’s designs.

The club’s biggest show will be at the end of 2014, which will consist of all the work students have done year-round.

“Justin and I have big plans for the club this year,” Turcios said. “I’m hoping it will blow everyone away and if it goes as planned, it will be bigger than the past shows.”

Turcio is looking forward to new spring trends, hoping that 2014 fashion will bring button-down shirts and colorful knit sweaters.

After couture week in Paris, fashion fanatics will be able to catch approximately 100 designers at Mercedes-Benz fashion week.

“I’m excited to see Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Oscar de la Renta at New York  fashion week,” McMahon said. “[NYFW] is not only about high couture designers, it is also about the non-high fashion brands like DKNY and Michael Kors. It is a good mix of looks and ideas, and I’m sure they will all be very useful in the future at Fashion Club.”

Mercedes-Benz fashion week will take off Feb.6, followed by London and Milan.


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