Students share opinions on relationships

Copy Editor

Every individual perceives someone as attractive for different reasons. Students at County College of Morris are typically waiting for the right person to be in his or her life for a long period of time.

“I don’t see a point in dating for fun,” said Keri Jameson, a student for three semesters at CCM. “I feel it should be something special… You should love them.”

Appearance does matter for attraction, according to Jameson, who desires someone that looks nice and proper.

“I wish it didn’t matter but it’s human nature. Personally, they should look like they know what they are doing,” Jameson said. “Clothes don’t matter much to me.”

Long distance relationships are difficult to overcome, according to several students. For some relationships to work, individuals must see each other and keep in contact frequently for it to work.

“The person I like right now lives in another state,” Jameson said. “We keep in contact through letters. We communicate through Facebook and other social websites. We stay close because of this.”

Long distance does not work, according to David Donnelly, a humanities and social sciences major.

“We learn in psychology that the laws of attraction is the closer you are to somebody, the more attached you are to them,” Donnelly said. “Long distance relationships will not work out because of these rules.”

Students are taught in classes like psychology that distance, looks and personality play a colossal part in attraction. Donnelly said he thinks intelligence is important too.

“She has to be someone I relate to,” he said. “I need to be able to agree with her and [she should be] someone I can talk to.”

In the rules of attraction, opposites might attract but might not last as long as a relationship with a lot of common ground.

“A relationship only lasts if two people have similar interests,” Donnelly said. “A lot of people say opposites attract. [The relationship between opposites] is exciting at first, but when you get to know each other, you run out of things to talk about.”

According to Miguelle Reynolds, a computer science major, manners matter.

“Being rude is a huge turn-off,” Reynolds said. “Anyone that isn’t funny or has a dry sense of humor can be boring when you are with that person.”

Being nice is important for attraction, according to Reynolds. Being kind and caring can give an individual security and stability.

The rules of attraction could be important to everyday situations. An individual could follow these simple rules to find someone new and important for his or her future. Online dating, long distance relationships and age are subjects that bring up contrasting opinions.

“There [are] no set rules for rules of attraction,” Jameson said. “It’s different for everyone.”


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