Trick-or-treat, when should it be obsolete?

Copy Editor


Halloween display

“I don’t think you are ever too old to trick-or-treat,” said Minh Ta, a communication major at CCM. “I think if someone is really old, like 40 and up… some people out there would be pretty freaked out, but I wouldn’t be.”

The best thing about Halloween is being someone else for a day, according to Ta. Last year, Ta dressed up as Short Round from the movie “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.”

“When I was a kid, going out for Halloween was so much fun,” Ta said. “As I got older, it did get boring. If you feel as if you are too old, still get dressed up and go out to different events.”

Instead of trick-or-treating, some students are going to social events, but are still dressing up for Halloween.

“I’m going to my friend’s college,” said Olivia Mayberry, a student at CCM. “I’ll be dressing up as a black cat when seeing my friends.”

Students at CCM might not be trick-or-treating for themselves, but with their younger siblings, local neighbors or with a friend’s younger sibling.

Trick-or-treat, give me something good to eat. If you don’t, I don’t care, I’ll pull down your — at least that’s what the little kids might be saying.

“I put on a silly hat and wait for little kids to come and trick-or-treat,” said Laura Williams, a liberal arts and sciences option major at CCM. “If I babysit for my neighbor, I’ll take the kids around town.”

Little kids are what makes Halloween exciting, according to Williams.

“There are no age limits to trick-or-treating,” Williams said. “I had a little kid about five years old come last year dressed up as his grandpa.”

Some students at CCM might not celebrate Halloween at all due to a busy schedule or religious values.

“I don’t celebrate Halloween,” said Michelle Gonzalez, an international studies and business major at CCM. “I don’t believe in it… since I’m Christian.”

The holiday started off venerating the dead and things that are not good, according to Gonzalez. She will be keeping up with work and school on Halloween.

“If you think you’re young enough to go trick-or-treating,” Mayberry said, “then just enjoy Halloween in anyway you like.”


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