New York Giants, Super Bowl champions?


The New York Giants have been Super Bowl champions four times, twice within the past six years. The Giants have not played this poorly since 1976, where the Giants did not get their first win until 11 days before Thanksgiving.

“It’s frustrating to see the New York Giants fall to 0-4, but you can still see the team hasn’t given up hope and are pushing to get in the right track,” said Jordan Ward, prior to the Giants’ most recent record.

The New York Giants’ offensive line has done a poor job in their running game just like in their job to protect their quarterback Eli Manning, causing their passing game to be poor as well. Defensively the Giants start off good, but not good enough, resulting in creating open spaces for their opponents to run through.

“There is definitely hope for the Giants,” Ward said.

Having an elite quarterback and dominant players make not only Giants fans, but also football fans question what really is happening to the nation’s 2011 Super Bowl champions. While injuries, bad moves and bad calls are not letting the Giants be on top of the NFC Division, Manning and his team are known for their comebacks. Some fans, but not all, have faith in their team.

“The division is struggling, so there is hope,” Ward said.

“One thing you’ll never be able to do is question the amount of heart and hope that the Giants have, especially with Tom Coughlin as head coach.”

Not all fans are as optimistic or as positive as Ward. Fans are no longer watching the games or rooting for the Giants. With 11 regular season weeks left before the postseason begins, Giants fans have let go of all hope in the team and do not plan on seeing them in the playoffs.

“I no longer have hope for this season,” said Anthony Janus, a computer science major. “Instead, I’ll just wait and hope that the following season will be better, a lot better.”

The NFL has made a strange shift this season. Teams that once did not play well are now increasingly better, while teams that once breezed through the season seem to be struggling. With the numerous amount of injuries, personal circumstances and bad calls, the NFL teams promise to keep the public entertained for sure.


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