Matt Bellace shows students ‘How to Get High Naturally’

Acting Managing Editor

On Wednesday, Oct. 2, author, motivational speaker, licensed psychologist and stand-up comedian Matt Bellace was welcomed back on campus for his fourth consecutive year. The event was sponsored by CCM’s own New Social Engine organization and held in Davidson room A.


Matt Bellace speaking at the Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute in 2010

Bellace, a 1992 Montclair High School graduate, received his bachelor’s degree from Bucknell University in biology & psychology in 1996 and master’s in 1998. In 2005, Bellace earned his doctorate from Drexel University in clinical psychology.

Bellace has worked as a youth motivational speaker and stand-up comedian since 1995. He presents his renowned program, “How to Get High Naturally” approximately 250 times per year.

Matt was a recurring comedian on truTV’s “World’s Dumbest” and can be heard on demand on Sirius XM’s comedy stations.

President of New Social Engine and culinary science major, Jeremy Forester said that Matt’s presentation is “a good way to show college kids that you can get these natural highs from doing something you love compared to doing something bad like drinking and drugs…”

“…bringing Matt in works so well with our message,” he added later. “Matt’s just a good guy and he is really funny.”

Dave Bratton, a volunteer advisor with NSE explained that he knows Matt personally. He has started chapters of NSE at a couple of the local college campuses. His upstarts include groups at Fairleigh Dickenson University, Drew University and here at CCM.

More information about NSE can be found at

“As a country, we received 70 percent of the world’s painkillers last year,” Bellace said. “Do we really have that much pain?”

Bellace illustrated his point of making healthy choices and having natural highs by anecdotes and humor.

One story described the relationship that he had with his brother. His brother partied a lot and acted as if he was invincible. One day Bellace warned his brother to stop smoking weed. His brother responded, “weed is like salad!”

Another anecdote included Bellace’s parents sending him away to a leadership conference teaching him how to be drug-free while in high school.

When he first arrived at what is now the Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute, he saw counselors in costumes dancing to welcome them in.

“I took one look at them and said, they’re still drinking!” Bellace said.


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