Gov’t shutdown could have affected student loans

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With the government shutdown over, students at County College of Morris no longer have to worry about its impact on their lives.

Speaking before the shutdown was over, John Young, director of budget and compliance at CCM, said student loan packages could have been affected due to the furloughs of many federal employees.

“If those staff are not working full time because of the shutdown, or not working [at all], it could slow the process of loan applications for students,” Young said.

Jordan Barth, a CCM student majoring in public administration, agreed.

“The people who have loans…are going to be in big trouble,” he said.

His inability to complete his research paper due to a partial shutdown of government resources also left him dismayed.

“That’s a huge impact on research. I can’t find some statistics I need for my research paper for my sociology class because the census website is down,” Barth said.

Anthony Napoli, a CCM criminal justice major, said the loss of government services will reach “about $55 billion plus…if it keeps going, it’s only going to get worse and worse, so hopefully they will figure something out soon.”

Napoli’s negative thinking never came to fruition.

In addition to affecting the CCM community, the shutdown could also have had a serious impact on the country.

“It also can harm the larger economy because the total amount of government spending is so large in the U.S. these days, that reduced levels of spending could impact businesses,” Young said. “So you can say the families that have been furloughed can’t spend money, so those businesses that the families would spend money at will have [a] reduced amount of income. So it just kind of passes on through the economy.”

The shutdown went into effect after Democrats and Republicans failed to reach an agreement to end a bitter standoff over the health care reform law, according to The New York Times.

“House Republicans insist any new spending bill include provisions to either defund, derail or otherwise chip away at ‘Obamacare,’” CNN reported. “Senate Democrats are just as insistent that it doesn’t.”

Senator Ted Cruz put pressure on House Republicans to vote in favor of a bill that would fund the government, while at the same time, defund Obamacare during his filibuster speech.

According to The Business Insider, Cruz argued that “a filibuster is necessary to prevent Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada), from using what he referred to as ‘procedural gimmicks’ to prevent defunding of the Affordable Care Act.”

The Chicago Tribune reported that the president has pushed for Republicans and Democrats in the House to pass a bill that would reopen the government. He insisted he would work with anyone from any party on ways to improve health care.

“Whenever we do these things, it hurts our credibility around the world,” Obama said.


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