Community colleges more popular than four-year universities?


Attending a community college instead of a university sounds like a bad idea to some, but in reality it can be a wise choice.

“I was first, for two years in an independence program for students with disabilities,” Josef Luftman said. “However, during my second year there I did get the opportunity to take an accredited course at a college. I then enrolled full time to a community college.”

Community colleges are willing to work with everyone. No one is left behind. Everyone is accepted so that everyone can further their education.

“You can get your degree in a shorter time, and then have the option to transfer to a four year school,” said Cheryl Pun, a County College of Morris student.


Making the decision to go to a community college makes for a flexible future. No one is stuck there; you can apply and transfer to any four-year university right after getting a degree.

“The college I wanted to go to was $43,000 year,” said Jazmen Phillips, a CCM student. “So I would rather come here and save money and get the same education for two years rather than spend my life on two years of college.”

Universities are always increasing in cost, and most people in todayโ€™s society cannot afford the high tuition. There are loans but they can cause many people to end up in debt. Community college is significantly cheaper and the education you receive is just as efficient as a universityโ€™s.

“I wasnโ€™t sure what I wanted to do, so I figured [CCM] was the place to figure it out,” said Kelsey Degorelli, another CCM student.

Going to a community college allows one to sort out the future.

“I chose community college to figure out what I wanted to with my life and to take my time doing it,” said Gemma Johnson, a CCM student.

“The reason why I chose County College of Morris was so that I could bypass all the competition going to a four-year school from my high school,” Cyrus Segura, a CCM student said. “I feel like I can test myself and build my skills before I transfer to a university.”


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