CCM offers brand-new, healthier food choices

Entertainment Editor

Student having healthy food from Student Community Center
Cafeteria at CCM

 County College of Morris students have more alternatives than ever before for their food selection. A new healthier menu provided by Chartwells is available for students in the Student Community Center Café and the B Café in Cohen Hall.

The new menu includes turkey sausage and bacon, tofu, egg whites, black beans, turkey and veggie burgers and crisped fish, which is available on whole grain breads or salads.

“More students are eating healthy,” said Linda Turner, a familiar smiling face at the cash register in the B cafe. “It’s good to start eating healthy while you’re young before you get all fat, old, and bloated.”

Turner has worked with Chartwells for 31 years, a food service company that provides the food for CCM. Chartwells also provides food to students of all ages from K-12 to college campuses, such as Centenary College and Stockton College.

At CCM, students with busy schedules can often spend their entire day on campus.

“I’m here all day from 7 to 9. All that time carrying food in my book bag, it’s not good,” said Kevin Sherman, a business major at CCM. “I eat twice a day at CCM, typically coffee and a bagel for breakfast at the B Café and wraps for lunch in the SCC.”

The healthy menu selection is brand new to CCM. Students like Sherman were not aware of it, but were surprised.

“I wouldn’t say I eat healthy. I’m somewhere in between. I have an insanely fast metabolism,” Sherman said.

Staff members were also not aware of the new menu selections, which are available to peruse on the tabletops in each café.

“The healthy selection is great, better than mozzarella sticks and cookies each day,” said Lauren Lukas, a staff member in the admissions office. “There’s much more protein in healthy foods.”

Lukas admitted that she does not always eat from the cafes. Sometimes bringing a homemade lunch is a more economically viable option. The cafes have promotions and daily specials for such quandaries.

One option is Salad Bar Thursdays. For $6, it is all-you-can-eat salad with a wide variety of meats and tofu, available only at the SCC cafe from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Turner also noticed a rising trend in students: more and more water and tea is being purchased over soft drinks. Coincidentally, there is a new flavored water machine in the B Café with a selection of five different flavors.

Proper nutrition and sleep increases a person’s alertness and energy, as well as necessary hydration, according to the healthy menu website With the new healthy series menu, people looking to live a healthier lifestyle will have a much easier time to eat between classes, something that is not always true about public restaurants outside of CCM.


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