CCM ‘Doctor Who’ fans anxiously wait for clock to strike midnight


In 1963, hundreds of people were introduced to the Doctor, an alien species known as a “time lord” that has selflessly saved the galaxy, spanning across centuries. Fifty years later, “Doctor Who” is still running strong, and the TV series has amassed a colossal following.

As it nears its golden anniversary, some fans are worried about the future. “It’s had a good run, but I have a feeling that it will end soon.” said Jesse Prizer, a graphic design major at County College of Morris.

Others said that they are looking forward to a future filled with hope. “If they do it right and have passion, then they can keep it going.” said David Greco, a psychology major at CCM. The hype around the heavily anticipated anniversary showing is well placed in the minds of many Whovians.

“I’m really excited.” said Rebecca Beneroff,a video game design major at CCM.

Several opinions are up in the air about Peter Capaldi, the newest actor to play the Doctor. “Ready for an old Doctor.” said Kyle Van Kirk, a computer science major at CCM.

The past few Doctors have all been significantly younger than the newest addition to the Doctor Who family. “I think that they will put him in more serious parts.” Greco said.

The series has gone through 11 different faces over the span of 50 years. From William Hartnell portraying the Doctor as a sophisticated and somewhat cold and calculated man to Matt Smith, who showed the world the fun of traveling through space and time inside a police box. “My favorite Doctor would have to be the 10th, played by David Tennant.” Greco said.

Since the show has been on for so long it has earned a massive fan base. These Whovians contribute art, fan fiction and several other things to add to the ever growing fandom, but is the fandom starting to take over the actual show. “It’s getting too big and is overshadowing the show.” Prizer said. As the show continues to grow, so will its fans. “The fan base will grow and it can be good or bad depending on how it grows.” Greco said.

Even the Doctor knows that the best cure for loneliness is companionship. With a new Doctor comes new challenges, new adventures, and possibly a new companion. Clara Oswald, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman is the Doctor’s newest companion. She appears in several moments of the Doctor’s life giving her the name, ‘The Impossible Girl.’ “Keep Clara, but move other people in.” Kirk said. “I love Clara, but they need something new.” Beneroff said.


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