Students at CCM give back to the world

Copy Editor

The Volunteer Club at County College of Morris helped support the breast cancer patients on Tuesday, Oct. 1. The club has done several events to raise money, find homes and give back to the world within the last 5 years.

“We do a lot,” Theresa Tavis, the president of the Volunteer Club, said. “We help with the American Cancer Society, Breast Cancer Foundation, Noah’s Ark, Randolph Animal Pound, American Heart Association, we mentor children with I Can Mentoring, and a program with middle school students in Morristown and Roxbury.”

The most recent event the club hosted was a bake sale. The members sold baked goods, pinked themed for breast cancer awareness month to raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation.

“Our bake sales here are actually record breaking,” Tavis said. “We have good techniques. We go mobile. We walk all around campus… We like to be creative.”


The club raised about $600within 4 hours selling pink rice krispie treats and decorated cookies with pink icing in the past, according to Tavis. The volunteer work done by the club helped donate to loved ones in America.

“The most rewarding thing is to help other people,” said Jamie Mardis, a nursing major at CCM. “It feels really nice to help other people…make them happy.”

If one treats others with love and kindness one will get it in return, according to Mardis, who used to volunteer her time working on a garden in her community and help serve food with her covent. She believes volunteering her time is worth helping other people.Volunteer work can help individuals get a job, according to both Tavis and Mardis. The experience can show employers that he or she has drive and dedication.

“A lot of the time, different volunteer organizations I work with leads to more opportunities,” Tavis said. “I got five different shelters… saying you should come work with us.”

The Volunteer Club has helped many different organizations in the past and will continue to. If any CCM student is interested in volunteering their time, stop by room SCC 233 right in the student community center on Thursdays at 1 p.m., according to Tavis.

“Volunteering is kind of like my favorite thing to do,” Tavis said. “I want to be a social worker. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”


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