Tips for new students at CCM

Copy Editor

New County College of Morris students are always easy to pick out in a crowd. To get into the swing of things, all new students should know a few key rules about college life.

“On my first day, I got lost going to class,” said Heather Pollak, a student at CCM for three years. “It’s a pretty big campus, and it can get a little confusing.”

A new student can walk around the campus a day before class; this may be the best solution to figure out the easiest way to get from point A to point B. There are signs with directions around the campus to help guide students in the right direction. Also, students in the hallways are usually willing to point an individual in the right direction instead of letting he or she walk around in circles.

“Be confident in yourself. You’ll do well for yourself,” said Carlos Adrian Gribbo, a new student of three weeks.

pic 5

CCM students talking in the Student Community Center at CCM.

Being self-dependent is important for survival in college according to Gribbo. CCM teaches students handle everything on their own.

“I got more than I ever expected from my teachers. They break it down and help me understand. They’re more on our level,” Pollak said. “As long as you’re ready to learn, they are willing to help.”

The professors at CCM are known to be some of the best. If a student is struggling to keep up with a class, he or she should approach the professor and express his or her concerns.

Getting to know professors and classmates could be beneficial. “You want to know people in your classes. If you miss something in school, you can text them or call them for an assignment,” said Taylor Russo, a student for three semesters.

If new students want to avoid physical exercise before class, they should not park in lots one or two because of the steep hills. Many students call it “Heart Attack Hill.” “Do not walk up the hill. Park in a different lot if you can,” said Raymond Sanabria, a student for two weeks.

The atmosphere at CCM is friendly, calm, and relaxing according to Russo. “This is similar to high school. My advice is to stick with day classes. Apparently, everyone likes morning classes,” said Sanabria.

Being a new student can be intimidating at first, but following the above tips may help any student get into the flow of the college life. “It’s a nice, peaceful environment,” said Russo, “There’s nothing to be scared off.”


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