Students get involved at CCM: Be an all-rounder

Editor in Chief

Here at County College of Morris, there are endless opportunities for thriving and enthusiastic students to get involved on campus. The clubs and organizations at CCM range from academic, cultural, social, governance, physical, recreational and many more. There are over 40 different clubs and organizations, each one different in its own way.

According to Don Phelps, associate director for Campus Life, joining clubs and organizations is crucial for college students to enhance their career path.

“I cannot encourage students enough to get involved while at CCM,” Phelps stated in an email. “They will learn interpersonal skills, supplement their resumes, make new friends and have some fun.”

Furthermore, a student’s involvement on campus can lead to many other advantages. These students will have the opportunity to attend conferences, leadership training and attend trips and events at little or no cost.

Caitlin Langan, broadcasting major and one of the producers of the CCM news show, Titan Talk, said she believes that joining clubs and organizations is a great way to meet new people.

“I most certainly recommend others getting involved in clubs because you can gain a lot out of all the experiences and people you work with,” she said. “It’s a great start to networking.”

Joining a club or an organization is not the limit; one can also reach top positions in a club and become a distinguished leader. There are a significant amount of scholarships that apply to students who are involved on campus. CCM also honors students as “distinguishing leaders” for their outstanding contribution and effort in a club or an organization, given that they have a desirable GPA.

According to the CCM website, getting involved on campus will enable lasting friendships with fellow students, professors, advisors, community leaders and others. Stress relief from school work and new responsibilities, time-management skills and career exploration through networking are also possible advantages. Furthermore, students will gain leadership and team player qualities that will carry over to professional life.

If a student is feeling aggressive and enthusiastic, the student can even consider forming his or her own club or organization. However, there are a couple rules to follow when doing so. One must compile a minimum of nine other interested students who are willing to take part in the organization, get a CCM faculty or staff member to act as an advisor to the club and also complete the necessary paperwork which can be found at the Campus Life window in the Student Community Center.

CCM will be having a Welcome Bash and Organization Fair on Tuesday, Sept. 24 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the Student Community Center lawn. All students are welcome to attend the Welcome Bash where students will be exposed to the numerous clubs and organizations that CCM has to


For more information and a list of the available clubs and organizations at CCM, visit:


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