Will there be a stampede for the Playstation 4?


On Feb. 20, Sony held a press conference unveiling its plans for the Playstation 4. Sony revealed that the Playstation 4 will have specifications that will resemble a high-end computer. Some of the hardware includes a higher CPU, better graphics processing unit, 8GBs of unified memory and lo­cal storage hard drive.

“Visually the graphics look stunning, but I don’t know any­thing about what the system looks like or runs like. It’s too early to tell,” said Ronnie Kumpf, a self-proclaimed gamer. “The graphics look great so I’m pretty excited for it.”

Despite being excited for the Playstation 4, Kumpf is unsure whether he will get one when it’s released. “I want to see the price and what the hard drive is like. If they both look great then yes. If not, I can wait a year.”

Another reason for waiting is that the Playstation 4 will not be backwards compatible, meaning it will not be capable of playing games made for earlier versions of the Playstation.

Sony announced that there will be four titles available at launch including: Killzone: Shad­ow Fall, Knack, The Witness, and Infamous: Second Son.

“It’s too early to tell, but from what I have seen so far I am loving them,” Kumpf added. “Remember too if this is releas­ing in the fall you’re going to get more launch titles such as FIFA or Madden.”

However, some like Tom Decker, an avid Xbox gamer, are not as sure about the Playstation 4.

“I don’t want to put my mon­ey down on it until I see more that they can offer,” Decker said. When it comes to the issue of backwards compatibility, Decker said he feels that Sony is disre­specting the fans.

“I think it’s kind of an insult to the fans. If it was backwards compatible you could sell your Playstation 3 and just buy the Playstation 4,” he said. “Basi­cally I don’t like it.”

Despite all this Decker said he would eventually buy a Play­station 4. “I’m more of an Xbox guy, but I like the entertaining games and experience that Play­station offers,” he said.

“I’m not that impressed,” said Jessica Gaydick, a Gamestop manager. “The streaming thing is cool, but it’s not something I would use. The touch screen on the controller is cool. There is only so much they can do graphi­cally, but until I see more, I’m not hooting and hollering for it.”

Gaydick said she feels that Sony will announce more launch titles as the Playstation 4 gets closer to release. “It’ll be a really crappy launch if they don’t have more titles, especially since it isn’t backward compatible,” she said.

With regards to backwards compatibility Gaydick said she felt that some people would not get it right away because of not being backwards compatible.

“I think it’s definitely go­ing to cause some people not get it right away,” Gaydick said. “I never really played my Playsta­tion 2 games on my Playstation 3 when it was backwards compat­ible, but I would wait to upgrade since I have a library of games to play.”

Only time will tell if back­wards compatibility will delay gamers from buying the Playsta­tion 4 right away.


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