How does reality TV affect young women?

Managing Editor

Over the past decade reality TV has become extremely popular.

“Going back to 2000, reality television was but a mere programming indulgence used to somehow represent elements from modern society through the use of ‘real’ people,” according to

Certain shows on TV portray an image to young female demographics that can be seen as negative. Popular shows, like “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” “Keep­ing up with the Kardashians” and shows found on MTV are predominantly female based. This genre of television programing can leave an impression on young women that cause them to act like the women they see on TV.

“I think the female demographic is af­fected in a negative way in reality shows,” said Khushbu Kapadia, communications major at County College of Morris. “Most reality shows portray women as ignorant and aggressive people.

For example, the Jersey Shore por­trays all the women as senseless, immature and irresponsible people.”

“Jersey Shore does nothing but vali­date drinking to the point of blacking out, acting sleazy for attention, and getting into awful brawls in order to settle simple misunderstandings,” said Annie Bostick, a criminal justice major at CCM. “Should the audience continue to hold this behavior so highly, we will continue to have vic­tims of other people’s lack of respect for the law, and most importantly respect for themselves.”

“Keeping up with the Kardashians” is a show of women who received fame yet no one has a true talent, said Bostick. Some would say leaking out a sex tape was the predominant reason for Kim Kardashian’s fame, stated Bostick, adding that if young girls mirror what they see on TV for fame, we will get a young group of women that believe fame and fortune should be handed to them without having to work hard for it.

Students at CCM have strong opin­ions on reality TV being negative. Some students say that it shouldn’t be taken that serious and it’s just a form of amusement.

“I think it’s just for entertainment,” said Larissa Juliano, 23, nursing major at CCM. “Teen mom has girls doing positive things with their lives after having a baby.”

Juliano said she watches reality shows because they are entertaining and she thinks “The Housewives of New Jer­sey” is fake and scripted.

“I don’t think there’s a point,” said Nube Gomez, 20, nursing major at CCM. “The shows don’t really teach you any­thing.”


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  1. Yea, Its SUPPOSE to be for entertainment but people want to be FAMOUS. Being Famous allows you to have lots of money, women, buy nice toys and recognition. Teen Mom basically says ” Hey if your a teenager and you get pregnant, you can be famous on our show” What do you think the intentions are for teen females seeing that. Enjoy it for entertainment but lots of people take it further. Look at all the Sex Tapes being created and accidently (yea ok) being leaked. Hey, im not mad, I feel marvelous 🙂

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