Superstorm Nemo threatens Morris County residents


The historic winter storm Nemo ravaged parts of the Northeast with massive winds and record snowfall. For some County College of Morris students, staying safe was a difficult task as transportation issues led to severe inconveniences and dangerous travel conditions.

“We almost died on the way to get Japanese food,” said Hillary Spada, a Mendham native that was visiting her boyfriend in Staten Island when the storm hit. “The roads were an absolute mess.”

Nemo was the first weather emergency since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the eastern seaboard in late 2012. Many areas of New York and New Jersey are still in the process of recovering from the hurricane and may have been unprepared for additional devastation.

Perhaps exotic meals are valid reasons for some people to risk it all. However, students like Adam Gallo opted for a safer approach.

“I literally played video games throughout the entire storm,” Gallo said. “[CCM] classes were canceled for the entire day, so there was no reason to go anywhere really.”

While some northeastern areas recorded snowfall upward of 30 feet, snowfall throughout Morris County ranged from between 6-10 inches, according to the Daily Record weather report.

Even during severe weather emergencies, pizza must be delivered. Enter pizza deliveryman Brian Carter, a Dover N.J., resident and first-year CCM student. Carter said he delivered roughly 20 pizzas throughout the superstorm, putting his life on the line in the process.

“I really tested the limits of what a Volkswagen Bug can do,” said the ambitious 19-year-old Carter. “I think people really appreciated my services more than ever and tipped me accordingly. In the end, the risk was truly worth the reward.”


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