Student Film Club brings new concepts to County College

By Nicole Darrah
Entertainment Editor

The Film Club at County College of Morris is an up-and-coming club that’s brought new ideas and excitement to the campus. With the upbeat, enthusiastic attitude this club and its president have toward their plans, there are sure to be new events bringing the students of CCM together.

“The Film Club was already a club before I started attending CCM,” said Jack Siberine, president of the club. “My friends and I were interested in starting a film club, until we found out it was already a club that was just inactive. We started it up around the end of November and currently have around 20 or so members.”

The newly restored Film Club has presented fresh, innovative ideas to bump up student enthusiasm and school spirit. These plans range from setting up a blog ( featuring clubs and their work, to a monthly news broadcast collaboration with The Youngtown Edition, to a biweekly talk show. And this is just the beginning.

“[The talk show] would work like the structure of a late-night show, similar to Conan O’Brien and others,” Siberine said.

A student comedian would open up the show with a monologue and then cut to “Man on the Street,” which is similar to the Youngtown’s “Roving Reporter.” The show would run around 15 to 20 minutes and be done every two weeks.

“The idea with the club blog was we could not only promote ourselves by making videos for clubs,” Siberine said. “But promote the other clubs at this school, because there are so many that no one knows about.”

Siberine said that a member of the Film Club would go out to a club’s activity, meeting, or event and film different pieces of it. The footage would then be edited into a short video to be posted to the blog.
Students agree that a talk show would be interesting to bring to CCM.

“I think the idea of a talk show is pretty cool,” said Matt Gonzalez, student at CCM. “I would watch it if I could watch it on campus, but I can only think of a few places that have a large enough viewing area like the student center, or maybe the break room in Cohen Hall. If the show had interesting topics, I think it would get students more involved.”

“If it were interesting enough I think I would probably log online to see it, if it were posted on YouTube or CCM’s Facebook page,” said Steve Masi, student at CCM.

The Film Club is currently seeking members. Whether you’re handy with a camera, have a knack for video editing, or are interested in acting, the film club is interested in anyone that will truly enjoy their meetings and activities.

Meetings are held at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesdays in DeMare Hall room 168.


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