CCM student athletes: What does their future hold?

By Tony Demaio
Sports Editor

A number of County College of Morris student athletes will graduate after this semester and move on to four-year colleges. Some athletes are looking to continue their athletic careers at new schools while others will focus on their studies.

Athletes at CCM will take into consideration whether or not to continue playing, based on what school they will attend and if they can balance playing a sport and staying on top of their work.

There are also financial aspects that student athletes are concerned about. Division I and Division II colleges and universities are able to offer athletic scholarships, creating opportunities for student athletes who may not have been able to afford certain schools.

For many athletes at CCM, the possibility for a scholarship will heavily influence their decision.

“It is a matter of money if I play or not,” said Carrie Roberson, a member of the softball team and sophomore student at CCM. “If the school offers me a good amount then I’ll go and play. If the money is sparse, then I’ll probably say no.”

Unlike Roberson, who is still unsure, other CCM athletes have already made up their minds on which college they will attend in the future and if they will continue to play.

Dylan Grabinsky is a sophomore defender for the lacrosse team and is confident in his decision for the rest of his collegiate career.

“I will not go on to play at a competitive four-year school,” Grabinsky said. “I intend to continue my education at NJIT after attaining my associates in engineering science here at CCM. I have my mind set on NJIT even though they do not have a [non-club] lacrosse team.”

Whatever CCM athletes decide for their future, some agree that their years of playing for the school has created memories and friendships that will never be forgotten.

“In a short amount of time, I built strong friendships with former enemies, guys who I battled against during high school,” Grabinsky said. “We got to know each other after spending countless hours together on road trips to games and after practices during ‘team trips’ to Taco Bell. The experiences I had from last year were excellent.”


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